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Whatever You Are Not Changing, You Are Choosing

Do you know type 2 diabetes is the fastest growing nutritional disorder on the planet.And, for the majority,is preventable, and reversible. Nearly half of Americans are type 2 diabetics.

What if you could take a simple blood test that could accurately predict T2 diabetes up to 10 years prior to onset, and before irreversible damage has occurred. Would you ? I certainly would.

This test can save your life !

A test that basically costs $55., can give your doctor essential information to institute Lifestyle changes to prevent the onset. Simple, right ? You would think. Having this test annually is as essential to your good health as having your blood pressure measured at every visit.

"Fasting Insulin" testing indicates the amount of circulating insulin, after fasting eight hours. The range of 3 - 8 uLU/mL is normal. Below 3 may indicate type 1 diabetes or autoimmune disease, and above 8 indicates resistance also known as prediabetes. The body starts to rapidly deteriorate as the numbers increase.

"Fasting Insulin" testing is the Gold standard, where "Fasting Glucose" and "Hemoglobin A1c", are just TOO LATE in the T2 diabetes battle. If you are relying on a "Fasting Glucose" or "Hemoglobin A1c", then it may come as a surprise to know that these tests alone will only indicate a problem AFTER THE DISEASE PROCESS HAS BEGUN. They are useful tools to monitor sugars. And, if you have a high amount of circulating insulin, sugar testing will also be used in a specific calculation called,HOMA-IR which is the homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance. This test is essentially a tool for prevention by calculating the disease risks.

Another reason to have this test is to prevent the staggering costs of T2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association research states $1. in $7.health care dollars go to treat diabetes and its complications, that is $327 billion dollars annually. Diabetes costs 2.3 times more to treat than other diseases. But, the most astounding numbers are from prevention. They state that the savings for one person can be $150,000. for healthcare costs, but personal experience sheds light on much bigger numbers. Just one hospital stay can be $250,000. and more. And, on average, diabetics face many painful, and expensive events and procedures such as amputation, vision loss, cardiovascular disease,kidney failure/transplant, medications, and they have the highest cancer rates, so saving $1 million dollars , over a lifetime, is plausible.

Here is the proposal : let's legislate wellness

I propose an amendment to Washington state law requiring insurance coverage throughout Washington state to include one "Fasting Insulin" blood test annually without out of pocket or copay.

What this does is shift the focus from sickness care to wellness care.

Today, we are beyond where cigarette science was in 1982 when legislators took action to create the largest most successful campaign to stop smoking. The time has come to do so for type 2 diabetes now !

The political debates about healthcare will continue, but, WE THE PEOPLE can demand sensible measures to save lives, and reduce the escalating costs of care associated with this pandemic.

Please join me in this urgent campaign to change the outcome for the future of ALL generations. We all deserve a happy healthy life. Give doctors this essential tool that will change the current grim outlook of type 2 diabetes.

 The life you save may be your own.

Contact your legislators to insist upon adoption of this proposed legislative amendment at 1-800-562-6000 / 1-800-653-9993 (TTY) or email Representative Steve Tharanger at Leanne.Horne@leg.wa.gov

Legislating wellness care saves lives, and money.
Legislating wellness care saves lives, and money.