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My personal message

Thank you for visiting the FYMHS.ORG site. 

The most important thing I hope you take with you is the passion I have to make a difference for our children.

Type 2 diabetes is, and has been described as, a pandemic. It is one of the worst, most preventable nutritional disorders of the last 50 years, and today's children have a shorter life expectancy than that of their parents.

It is incumbent upon all of us to work together and change this. If traditional approaches were effective, there would be a significant reduction in the numbers, but it is not working.  It is foolish to continue to "manage" a disorder that is preventable, and reversible using evidence based nutrition.

The most effective way to end this pandemic is to change the faulty lifestyles that have created the problem in the first place. This is the approach of Lifestyle medicine, and evidence based nutrition. It looks at the whole person, and their environment. Teaching people how to change the behaviors, working from a mindset of prevention, and using a positive, empowering, and engaging interaction through this seminar program, I endeavor to create opportunities for children, and their families to  make positive changes so they may enjoy a life filled with joy and happiness.

I do this from a place of love, and because I am fulfilling the promise that I made to my husband, Fariborz, before he died, that I would help others avoid the terrible suffering he endured.

I will never take a salary . My pay is the success and satisfaction of seeing this change the future for children and their families. They can avoid the suffering, and financial consequences, by adopting these simple changes before forming the habits that become dictators of defeat.

I promise to keep the operating expenses of this organization streamlined, with no frills. 

I promise to continually update the program curriculum for the best possible outcome.

I promise 100% of donations for the scholarship program will go into the scholarship program.

I promise to listen to your comments and suggestions for making this program a success.

In March 2018,  I donated my veterinary syringe patent, Publication No. US-2017-0266383-A1, Flexible Medicament Injector And Method of Use, to this nonprofit for whatever intrinsic value it may bring, and as a way of showing my deep commitment to make this, pay it forward, program work. And to those at Perkins Coie that have given their time to make this possible, thank you most sincerely.

I am honored, and very humbled, that Joel Fuhrman, MD, is associated with this program. We will be using his books, and as much of his extraordinary insights, time, and knowledge as we can to create these changes for good.  Your investment in this nonprofit will change their future.

When we seek common good, we share common ground.

Most sincerely, 

Marie Youssefirad, Founder /  CEO  of The Fariborz Youssefirad Memorial Health Scholarship, 

Affiliate member of The American College of Lifestyle Medicine

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